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Q1. Why do we need to use a stainless steel straw? Isn’t using a normal straw more convenient?

A 1. For many years we have only been using things for convenience. Only using things one time so we don’t have to carry and can just dump after use… but did you know? The plastic straws you are using are actually releasing toxins that negatively affect human’s health, and nature. When we use these plastic straws we are actually taking these toxins into our bodies. Also plastic straws do not break down and are not biodegradable which causes damage to our environment, nature, the oceans, animals and fish. QC’s goal is to decrease waste and protect our environment, join us!
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Q2. What materials are you using in your straws?

A2. Stainless steel is anti-corrosive (no rust), not affected by heat and anti-oxidized.  QC wants to bring you an eco-friendly and healthy product.  QC uses the highest quality imported materials from Japan.  SUS304 and SUS316L materials are both used in medical instruments and are safe for humans use.
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Q3. What is the difference between SUS304 and SUS316L?

A3. In production, the stainless steel is refined and processed so that there will be no toxins in the straw. QC’s stainless steel straw not only uses high quality materials, but also uses professional processes to maintain a high quality standard. SUS304,18-8 (18% chromium and 8% nickel) This is the anti-corrosion material in the straw which is the same as in medical equipment. This straw is good to use for drinking juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk, etc.. SUS316L,18-10-2 (18% chromium, 10% nickel, 2% molybdenum) The nickel we used is more than normal stainless steel and its anti-acid and anti-corrosion properties are higher than SUS304. In drinking water there can be a lot of chlorine, so the molybdenum is used to protect the straw from being damaged by the chlorine. This material SUS316L is used in high-end watches but is more expensive. When you are drinking lemon juice and vinegar or other drinks with enzymes it is better to use our SUS316L stainless steel straws.
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Q4. Are SUS304 and SUS316L magnetic?

A4. SUS304 and SUS316L normally before production are not magnetic, but after production the metals atoms will have changed places which will change the magnetism of the straw and therefore has really weakened the magnetic permeability. So it is not magnetic but will have magnetic permeability, which is normal. The content and bonding of the metal was not changed and is secure.
There is many different kinds of magnets and some special magnets are really powerful and its hard to tell if our straws will be magnetic under unique magnetic circumstances. QC is certified, please check http://goo.gl/KscI1H
On the other hand, production of other companies straws, its simple to check the straw with magnets, but doesn’t necessarily mean its good quality, so be careful.
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Q5.Why aren’t the names of the materials used in the straw carved onto the straw?

A5. The laser used to carve the words will damage the metal material. Even though we can use a special method to avoid damaging the metal, it will be quite costly. Now we hand carve different marks on our straws to tell the difference between the materials used.
Upper 3 rings + lower 3 rings = SUS304(18/8)
Upper 3 rings + lower 6 rings = SUS316L(18/10/2) 
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Q6. Is the production process of the straw the same as the process of making medical equipment?

A6. Sus316L and 304 both are used in medical instruments all over the world and can come in contact with the human body. Our factory has an ISO certification that mostly produces material for medical instruments. Both the inner and outer parts of the stainless steel straw are produced with the same process as medical instruments. The straw goes through a polishing and passivation processes that kills bacteria with high heat. SGS has certified this process. So our MIT straw is safe to use for acidic drinks and soft drinks. It will not release toxins and the quality will be comparable to German and Japanese products. You can check our SGS certifications at the following link http://goo.gl/KscI1H
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Q7.Is this dangerous for children to use?

A7. Stainless steel is a hard material and we need to teach children how to use the straw, same as teaching children to use a fork, spoon and toothbrush. The curved straws are more suitable for kids because the curved straw is more easy to use and you don’t always need to hold the glass or cup when using a curved straw. Even when sitting down, the curved straw is easier to drink from. Production began in July, 2014 to make the SUS316L, 15cm, small C and Q stainless steel straight straws. SUS316L, 18cm, curved small C was launched in August, 2014. All 3 are suitable for small drink sizes. Children can use these shorter straws and avoid the common problems with larger straws.
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Q8.How should I clean the straw before I use it the first time (the straw and the organic cotton bag)?

A8-1. How do I wash the stainless steel straw? 
Some stainless steel silverware does not go through the passivation processes and have only been given an oil based protective covering. QC does not use this oil based protective covering and therefore you only need to use water with the brush to clean your straw. You can use hot water to kill the bacteria and any germs that might be on the straw, but be careful not to get burnt. Using vinegar with dish soap with the brush to clean the straw is also very effective. It’s harder to clean the curved straw, but we suggest cleaning from both sides with the brush, but not using a metal brush because is might damage the straw. Some silverware goes through different production processes and when you touch the stainless steel it might feel like its coated in some kind of powder. In this case you can use a neutral cleaning solution to make sure the silverware is cleaned thoroughly. There isn’t just many different kinds of materials, but also different kinds of production processes.
A8-2 How should I wash the organic cotton bag?
The organic material in the bag comes from plants which have not had chemicals or toxins used in their growth process, so the bags material is safe. During the production process, some dust may have accumulated on the bag so make sure you wash it before your first time use. Wash by hand, not machine wash. Use neutral laundry cleaners. Wash separately and not with clothes because the straw will touch the bag.
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Q9. Your straw is flat, how can I use it to drink from a cup with a plastic lid?

A9. The QC stainless steel straw is hard and solid enough to puncture the plastic lid, therefore not needing the pointed edge. Also, it’s important to not make a sharp pointed edge in order to avoid injuries. Many of our users are children so we are more concerned about safety, than convenience.For use on plastic lids, here are some suggestions:
1. Hold the straw on an angle and it will be easier to poke a hole in the plastic lid.
2. Children can use their finger on the edge of the angled straw close to the plastic lid and apply pressure until a hole has been made.
3. Tear the edge of the lid with your fingers to make a small hole.
4. Thanks for all your suggestions. If you have any more suggestions on how to puncture plastic lid covers, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We will make a video in the future in order to communicate more clearly how to use the straw in this situation.
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Q10. Your organic cotton bag is not useful, it’s easy for the items inside to fall out. How will you fix this problem?

A10. We didn’t use a drawstring lock because it’s plastic, so this is why we have this problem. Many of our friends have shown us how to resolve this problem. Please check our video. http://goo.gl/w5pZ2T
Other friends have recommended that we use a wood ball to replace the plastic drawstring lock. In the video you can see the older designed bag, but also you can see our newly designed organic cotton bag with a different production process which allows it to last longer as well as the drawstring which is also made with organic cotton.
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Q11.What’s the difference between the nylon brush and the sheep wool brush?

A11. Both can clean the straw and both are made of soft material so you don’t need to worry about causing damage to your straw. QC gives out straws randomly, but if you want a specific brush, please let QC know.
1. The nylon brush is made with high quality nylon used on food grade products and the handle uses SUS304 stainless steel material.
2. The sheep wool brush is all-natural but without a stainless steel handle because the heat may cause damage to the wool, so we used iron instead to make the handle. 
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Q12. If I purchase the warranty but I encounter some problems, what should I do?

A12. We thoroughly check every production product before we sell.  If you get one of our products and still see something wrong, we apologize.  Please don’t worry, just take a picture of the problem with the straw and contact us within 3 days of purchase. 
Line: dq99
e-mail: a0983680682@gmail.com
Tel: 02-29402067
If you bought one of our products in one of our partner store locations and are having problems, please connect with them.
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Q13. Why are there so many cheap metal straws, but yours is more expensive?

A13. QC is the first to make a stainless steel straw in Taiwan. During our initial research process we discovered other foreign countries were already making and using stainless steel straws, bamboo straws, glass straws, etc.. Other metals straws are mostly made in China and use metal material from China. At the beginning we thought about selling the Chinese made straws because its easier and cheaper, but after some research we found that these straws are poor quality and cannot be used very long and are not eco-friendly and may cause health problems. In the end we decided to make a better quality straw in Taiwan that is more safe and healthy to use. Also, to make a straw that can be used for a long time. Please reuse your straw and do not throw in the trash.
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Q14. If I have some suggestions, should I tell QC?

A14. QC welcomes all friends and customers to give us suggestions so that we can get better and meet customers demands by improving productions designs, promotion methods and quality of service.  Please give us any and all feedback and we will work hard to improve step by step.  Thank you very much! 
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~Thanks for your support and improving our environment~~ 

We want to wish you a healthy life! 

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